All I know about Love

Teodoro Criscione
3 min readNov 27, 2021



#1 — Yin|Stay

Once upon a time, a star was dancing in the sky.
The legend says it was able to dream-fly.

A Woman enchanted by such a light wanted to catch its third eye:
« teach me, oh my bright, how in the dreams can I fly ?».

After a long masquerade night,
their eyes met and sparkled on that sight.

« Let the Hearts dance this silent melody.
The time is short for such a symphony. »

So they turned into dancing flames.
The whole world was only for their Fire games.

Burning up, burning down.
The earth was their playground.
Fire and flames. No other sound.

#2 – Metamorphosis|Change

Flying in her dreams, that’s all she wanted to see.
So the Woman was finally free.

Ashes all around, the star lost its ground:
« Where is the light I brought from my cloud ?».

The silence was noise.
And thoughts were just ploys.

No fire. No spark. No flame.
Every star looked the same.

Only ashes on the ground.
No more games to play around.
Burning up, burning down.
Cold Darkness as ice.
So she left for another paradise.

#3 — Yang|Live

The star was fading away.
The Long Night in the end came.

The Mirror was broken.
A lot was left unspoken.

The Long Night is an old friend.
It opens your Heart as a Godsend.

When the whole world drowned in all those tears,
in the end, a piece of Mirror finally appears.

The star could finally see its reflection,
the Ocean was welcoming its inspection.
Cooling up, cooling down.
Looking for the Darkness kiss,
the star jumped into the deepest abyss.

#4 — Contraction|Learn

In the darkest depth, the star lost all that was left.
One second before it dies, a new light appears without heft.

Its Heart started to shine.
Ancestral feelings crawled up its spine.

A new Life was born inside.
All old worlds in a moment collide.

« Open the window, let the light chase away the night.
A jump in the dark, and all will become bright. »

« I can breathe this fresh sea breeze,
and this Heart can embrace Seven Seas.»
Cooling up, cooling down.
« So far, I could only grasp such feelings.
Now I see all worlds with infinite meanings.»

# 5 — Realization|Act

The star took off for a new sky,
and in its dreams, it could again fly.

Only the awareness of the Incoming Night brings meaning to the True Light.

Personal reflection

I am surrounded by art pieces representing a distorted version of no-ending love stories. Unconsciously, I was induced to believe that Real Love never ends. Very often, it was convenient to illude myself that this was the case.

In this comfortable illusion of the Ego, I was missing out on one of the most important elements to understand and recognize Real Love and its evolutionary functionalities through its End. After years, I realized that the End of a Real Love story is extremely important. From an evolutionary perspective, it is maybe the most important aspect to know oneself and the Love itself.

«… and they lived happily ever after » is the saddest invitation to kill slowly any dream. A simple sentence could justify possession, opportunistic behaviors, manipulation, and narcissism. The death of dreams is replaced with the objectification/commodification of the Other. The death of dreams is (unconsciously or not) used to justify the exploitation for own needs’ satisfaction. In such a case, the honest and deep connection between oneself and the Other is considered superfluous. This is the world of Love-illiteracy: walking on the surface of Life ignoring its depth, beauty, and mystery.

It is the awareness of mortality that brings meaning to Life. It is the awareness of the Ends which brings Love to Life. It is the awareness of the Self that brings Life itself.



Teodoro Criscione

Ph.D. student in Network and Data Science (Central European University). Junior Researcher at Freiburg Institute For Basic Income Studies (Freiburg University).