Inquiring Love. Part I.

Love, love, love. Tell me when, who, what, where, and how you love, and I will tell you who you are.

When, what, and to whom do you love? From where your love does come from? How do you love?

Especially in a pre-attachment state, the physical perception changes from person to person. At the beginning of the attachment phase, the biochemical reactions induce physical sensations similar to every human — but not necessarily perceived always in the same way. The perception of the infatuation changes by person, potential partner, age, and space-time context.

After that, we can observe love as dedicated and devoted attention and care to something or someone. The manifestation of such a feeling can tell us everything about the depth of our psychophysical condition. From mild neurosis to serious psychosis, it is all affected by the way we love, and vice versa, they affect the way we love.

Nevertheless, all of this is covered by one of the biggest taboos of our times. The diffused narcissism does not question its right to love, whatever and however expressed. The superficiality and the cult of appearance do not question the psychophysical condition behind our choices. And finally, psychopathology is still lived as a taboo, as an issue that “affects others but not me and my choices”, a private issue to be solved in the privacy of an isolated room.

The Truth is that our psychophysical condition affects every single choice in every single moment. From the choice of food and drinks to the choice of colors, music, makeup, and clothes. From the choice of a daily routine, healthy activities or not, to our social activities. From our philosophical and political views to the way we walk, speak, and interact. From life choices to daily ones, it is all about love.

It is important to apply a “participatory observation” towards oneself and others in this never-ending investigation. Prejudices and preconceptions need to be disabled in this operational practice. It is important to look at the functionality of the choice without any prejudgment.

Ask everyone “what is love” and you will get a unique and different answer from every human being who ever existed on this planet. The uniqueness of the answer is the uniqueness of every human soul. Diversity is the richness of human existence.

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Teodoro Criscione

Ph.D. student in Network and Data Science (Central European University). Junior Researcher at Freiburg Institute For Basic Income Studies (Freiburg University).