Inquiring Love. Part II.

How would you describe the Ocean to a child?

Imagine you are that child. You never saw the Ocean. In the best case you experienced a bathtub. In the worst case a sink or only a glass of water. How could you imagine an Ocean?

How would you describe Love and God? I cannot fully explain, but I can only experience. Each time, It’s only letting go what I thought I knew and by trusting my Present’s feelings (sensorial perceptions, emotions, body feelings) that I can expand my understanding of Reality.

I see a lot people trying to understand or even pretending to know Love and God without looking for experiences and experiments. Would you trust a sailor who never sailed?

It is only when I let myself fully flowing with the Present, when I fully pay attention to the feeling of my Life pulsing in my veins, those feelings crawling up my spine, that I can experience the Mystery of Love and God.

The experience of Love and God cannot be fully described using human words. It can only be lived. Humans can only experience God through experiments on the way of Love.


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Teodoro Criscione

Ph.D. student in Network and Data Science (Central European University). Junior Researcher at Freiburg Institute For Basic Income Studies (Freiburg University).